Weather in Toronto: Get ready for some snowflakes

Right now, the weather in Toronto  looks like it might snow on Friday. In fact, you did hear it right. Environment Canada, the group that keeps an eye on the weather, says there is a chance that we could get a “significant” amount of snow.

Weather in Toronto: And what does the future look like?

Weather in Toronto: Get ready for some snowflakes

How deep are we going with this conversation? Taking what they said into account, it could be anywhere from five to ten inches. thick enough to be like your smartphone, or maybe even a little thicker. While they are pretty sure of the exact number, they are not quite sure yet. Imagine that you are trying to guess how many sweets are in a jar. It’s not easy, is it?

Weather in Toronto: The Snowy Schedule

According to the plan, the snow should start to fall in the morning as a light sprinkle. Think about the very small snowflakes that are flying around in the air. There’s more to it than meets the eye! It’s possible that the snow will get heavier in the afternoon and evening. It’s the same as someone turning on a machine that makes snow. What do you think? They’re not going to stop until late at night. koin303

Weather in Toronto: Keep your eyes wide open.

Here’s the thing: thick snow is like wearing glasses that are foggy. It’s hard for you to see as far. Watch out when you’re outside. Environment Canada says that our sight may get worse in some places.

Snowfall that is not known

It’s kind of like a puzzle, though. Even the weather experts don’t know how much snow will fall on our land. For most of us, they say to keep it between 5 and 10 inches. Here’s the catch, though: places near Lake Ontario can get a lot more! It’s almost like the lake is giving us all some of its snow. koin303

Stay in the Know

It’s possible that Environment Canada will send out some tips as the big day gets closer. Telling someone, “Hey, just a heads up! Snow is coming!” “Watch out for slippery roads!” So, make sure you listen out for those warnings, okay? coin303

Ice-cold rain could be dangerous

The chance of rain that is below freezing is another thing to keep an eye on. The same thing happens with rain that falls regularly but freezes when it hits the ground. Think about not being able to walk on an ice rink because you don’t have skates. When Friday night comes around, be very careful, especially if you are near Lake Erie.

All of you friends from Toronto should get your warm sweaters and gloves ready. It looks like we’re going to have a white-out  adventure Weather !