Big Snowstorm Hits Northern California and Nevada

Big Snowstorm Hits Northern California and Nevada right now, causing a whole bunch of problems. Power’s going out, freeways are closing down, and there are even warnings about avalanches.

How Long Will It Last?

The snow just keeps piling up, and it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. The National Weather Service says winter storm warnings in California’s Sierra Nevada will probably stick around until Sunday, at least. And get this – there’s another storm expected to roll in on Monday. Yikes!

What’s Happening on the Roads?

The blizzard’s been raging since Thursday, making driving conditions downright dangerous. Interstate 80 in California had to be shut down, and folks living in the area were told to find shelter because of all the snow and crazy winds.

A Tough Situation

According to the National Weather Service, the Sierra Nevada’s been getting slammed with more than 3 inches of snow every hour, with winds topping 100 mph! It’s so bad that they’re calling it a whiteout, where you can’t see a thing and it’s impossible to travel.

When Will It Ease Up?

Thankfully, the blizzard’s supposed to start calming down on Sunday, but don’t get too comfy. Another storm’s right around the corner.

Warnings and Alerts

The National Weather Service has issued blizzard warnings until Sunday evening and winter storm warnings until Wednesday afternoon. They’re saying it’s extremely risky to be out traveling in these conditions.

Avalanche Danger

One big worry is the avalanche risk. They’re saying there’s a high to extreme danger of avalanches in the backcountry all the way from Yuba Pass to Ebbetts Pass, including the Lake Tahoe area.

Problems in Nevada Too

Over in Nevada, they’re urging folks to stay off the roads if they can. And they’re busy clearing highways after all the snow they got hit with last night.

Other Affected Areas

The blizzard’s not just causing chaos in California and Nevada. Parts of Utah and Colorado are also getting hit with winter storm warnings.

Highway Troubles

U.S. Route 50 had to close temporarily due to a snowslide at Echo Summit, trapping some vehicles but thankfully causing no injuries. Meanwhile, Interstate 80, the main route between Reno and Sacramento, is still shut down, and there’s no word yet on when it’ll reopen.

Power Outages

The storm’s also knocked out power for thousands of folks in the affected areas. Pacific Gas & Electric reported thousands of outages, with downed power lines and trees causing a lot of trouble.

Working to Restore Power

Dave Ebbert, a supervisor for the utility company, said they’re doing their best to get things back up and running safely and quickly. As of Sunday morning, around 14,700 customers were still without power statewide.

Stay Safe

So, if you’re in the affected areas, stay safe and stay warm. And if you can, avoid going out until the storm passes and things start getting back to normal.