The latest on the Josh Newman recall

From yesterday’s John and Ken radio show on KFI . . .

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Watch last night’s city council meeting

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Tonight’s city council meeting agenda

To read or download tonight’s detailed council meeting agenda, click here (pdf).

The public participation portion of the meeting begins at 6:30 with presentations and awards. Actual city business normally doesn’t start until 7:00 or thereafter.

And you can always watch it on cable Channel 3 (Spectrum — formerly Time Warner).

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How about naming rights for the state capitol building?

By Joel Fox | For $12 million a year, the Los Angeles Dodgers are willing to offer naming rights to the field within Dodger Stadium on which the ball club plays. If that helps the Dodgers meet its budget obligations, perhaps the state should adopt a similar plan. Wonder how much the state could get for naming rights for parks, harbors, or buildings?

People might object to Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park brought to you by the Pacific Lumber Company or Sonoma Coast State Park presented by Chicken of the Sea.

Joel FoxBut rich California companies that want to be associated with classics of nature and contribute to the state budget’s bottom line might be persuaded. Google Calaveras Big Trees State Park is a mouthful but could bring in big bucks to fill some budget needs without the current go-to method of raising taxes.

Actually, as professors Ronald C. Fisher of Michigan State and Robert W. Wassmer of Cal State, Sacramento wrote in State Tax Notes last year discussing the possibilities of naming rights and sponsorships of public properties, the state park system has developed a Proud Partnership program to ‘‘allow corporations and businesses to reach out to the more than 70 million people that visit California’s 280 state parks each year. Partners may align themselves with an individual park, or with the entire State Park System. ’’

The professors see potential for state revenue with so many visitors to the state parks if the state is willing to go beyond the Partner’s Program to actual naming rights.

Politically, it is probably safer to stay away from the parks and a probable backlash from environmentalists. Consider naming state owned buildings instead.

It is not uncommon in the sports and entertainment world to buy naming rights for arenas and even with sacred institutions like the Rose Bowl Game — er, I mean, the Rose Bowl Game presented by Northwestern Mutual.

How does the Apple State Capitol Building sound? Or the Chevron State Capitol Building?

Not right, I guess. Reflects too much influence over the workings inside the building. But if influence is to be taken into account then there is a ready-made name for that particular building: the Public Employees State Capitol Building!

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Republicans didn’t have to vote for cap and trade

By Jon Coupal | Last week eight Republicans in the California Legislature made the unfortunate decision to vote for an extension of cap and trade that will increase the cost of fuel by as much as 71 cents a gallon by 2031. The primary justification was that the market-based cap-and-trade solution was preferable to any option controlled solely by the powerful and hostile California Air Resources Board. While that argument can’t be discounted, it is nonetheless useful to speculate what would have happened if no Republicans supported the deal.

A weekly column by Jon CoupalHistorically, Republicans have been the primary defenders of California’s middle-class taxpayers. They almost always vote against any proposal to weaken Proposition 13 and for that they deserve our thanks. But there is no debate that the cap-and-trade legislation will increase gas prices. The only debate is over how much.

Republicans in the Legislature should also be thanked for providing the lion’s share of votes against the cap-and-trade bill. But now they are in a situation where they have to explain why eight of them voted for the bill which has created a significant messaging problem. Voters don’t understand cap and trade and they don’t understand what “saving them” from a $2 fuel price increase looks like because they’ve never experienced it. Compounding the messaging problem is the inevitable political fallout. Republican support gave Democrats and Gov. Jerry Brown acres of political cover. Democratic legislators in at least two marginal seats were protected against having to cast a vote for higher energy costs and Gov. Brown secured a relatively stable source of funding for high-speed rail.

To read the entire column, please click here.

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Where in the world is Josh Newman?

This was yesterday’s update on the Josh Newman recall by John and Ken on KFI radio. The segment of the show addressing the recall campaign begins at 15:40 and includes an interview with Carl DeMaio of KOGO radio in San Diego:

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Another change of election rules by Democrats to protect Josh Newman

From an Associated Press article today in the San Francisco Chronicle titled “California watchdog lifts recall contribution limits“:

California’s political watchdog on Thursday moving toward rescinding contribution limits for recall campaigns as a Democratic senator faces removal from office.

The Fair Political Practices Commission voted 3-1 to disregard advice from its own lawyers and adopt the position requested by a lawyer for Senate Democrats.

The commission has long held that politicians can only contribute $4,400 from their campaign account to help lawmakers facing a recall. The decision to lift the restriction, allowing unlimited transfers, could help Democratic Sen. Josh Newman of Fullerton as he fights a potential recall.

That matches the rule for individual contributors to recall campaigns, who can give without limit, but deviates from the commission’s previous guidance and the legal interpretation that its lawyers offered.

The change is still subject to a final vote at the commission’s meeting next month.

California Republican Party Chairman Jim Brulte blasted the decision, saying the commission is supposed to be nonpartisan but “has exposed itself as a partisan tool of the Democrats.”

“This is another step in the continued decline of the integrity of California’s elections,” Brulte said in a statement. “It is one more example of absolute power corrupting absolutely.”

Commissioners must come from both parties but they are appointed by various statewide elected officials, all of whom are currently Democrats.

“The goal of the commission and the mission of the commission is to be as independent, as nonpartisan as it was designed to be, and we will continue to try to strive to meet that mission,” said Jay Wierenga, a spokesman for the commission.

The only positive aspect of this change is that — theoretically — the recall campaign contribution limits will also be lifted for those candidates seeking to replace Josh Newman.

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Fullerton City Hall is closed today for another three-day weekend

City Hall Closure Dates

January – 1*, 2*, 13, 27
February – 10, 20*, 24
March – 10, 24
April – 7, 21
May – 5, 19, 29*
June – 2, 16, 30
July – 4*, 14, 28
August – 11, 25
September – 4*, 8, 22
October – 6, 20
November – 3, 10*, 17, 23*, 24*
December – 1, 15, 25*, 26*, 31*

*Holiday observed

Fullerton City Hall

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The latest on the Josh Newman recall

From yesterday’s John and Ken radio show on KFI . . .

This is audio of Sen. Josh Newman and Los Angeles council member Mike Bonin captured at a West LA Democratic Party barbecue:

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Josh Newman sponsoring an event in Brea today

State Senator Josh Newman will be holding a community event today from 1:00-3:00 pm at the Brea Community Center, according to a handout posted on the KFI Radio website. The flier advertises a “Senior Scam Stopper Seminar” sponsored in conjunction with the California Contractors State Licensing Board.

Josh NewmanUnfortunately, we haven’t been able to confirm that Newman will be there in person because this event is not listed on his official website. In fact, no upcoming events appear on his official website. If you want to attend to ask him questions, we recommend calling his district office at 714-671-9474 to confirm his presence.

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