Speaking of carpetbaggers . . .

Tony Bushala has again gone after a carpetbagger  — Joe Kerr, a former public employee union boss who moved into our District 4 from Coto de Caza to run for County Supervisor:

NO KERR sign



Saturday we received a direct mail hit piece on Kerr (below) financed by — surprisingly — a public employee union (the Orange County Deputy Sheriffs):

Anti_Kerr mailer

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How much will the FPPC fine Doug Chaffee?

In 2016, Tony Bushala’s political committee called Fullerton Taxpayers for Reform was fined $2,500 for inadequate disclosure on its “NO KANG” campaign signs exposing and opposing carpetbagger State Senate candidate Sukhee Kang who moved here from Irvine to run.

So what will the fine be for Doug Chaffee — who hasn’t put any disclosure information whatsoever on his campaign signs for County Supervisor?

Chaffee campaign sign

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In Sacramento, Democrats are run by the unions

By Jon Coupal | June 6 marks the 40th anniversary of voters’ overwhelming approval of Proposition 13, which has been protecting all California taxpayers ever since.

A weekly column by Jon CoupalSome people mistakenly think Prop. 13 protects only homeowners, because it cut the property tax rate statewide to 1 percent and put a stop to uncontrolled increases in assessed value. But it did something else, too. It required voter approval of local tax increases and set the threshold for approval of special taxes at a two-thirds vote.

For 40 years, big-spending politicians have been looking for loopholes.

Take parcel taxes, for example. A parcel tax sounds like a tax on UPS deliveries, but it isn’t. It’s a tax on real estate parcels. Under Prop. 13, politicians can’t raise property taxes that are based on the value of property, but they figured out that they could add a flat tax to property tax bills if it wasn’t based on value.

Under Prop. 13, two-thirds of voters have to be convinced to approve parcel taxes.

To read the entire column, please click here.

Recall Josh Newman

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Moorlach urges a Yes vote on recall, endorses Whitaker to replace Newman

State Senator John Moorlach has issued the following letter of support for the candidacy of Bruce Whitaker in the recall election to replace Josh Newman as our 29th District State Senator:

Dear Fellow Citizens,

We have two amazing and historical opportunities.

The first is the recall of a State Senator that voted to increase your gas and auto taxes.

The second is to vote in an experienced and solid community leader as a replacement.

State Senator John M.W. MoorlachI’ve known Bruce Whitaker for more than two decades. He is bright. He is independent. He is conservative. He is experienced in the governmental industry, having served with distinction in a number of roles. And, he is accessible.

Bruce Whitaker was there to help when we turned Orange County around after it filed for bankruptcy protection on December 6, 1994.

California is in poor shape after four decades of Democratic control. I need Bruce Whitaker to join me in the State Senate to now help turn Sacramento around.

Please vote for Bruce Whitaker on Tuesday, June 5th for State Senate.

John M. W. Moorlach
State Senator, 37th District

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Newman recall organizer Carl DeMaio’s final interview on KFI before the election

Carl DeMaio, organizer of the campaign to recall Sen. Josh Newman, did his final pre-election interview yesterday on KFI Radio with talk show hosts John and Ken. The interview is at the beginning of this audio file and lasts about 10 minutes:

Recall Josh Newman

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Video of Bruce Whitaker on the John and Ken Show

In case you weren’t able to find his comments on the four-hour audio file previously posted, here is the interview with Bruce in two short video clips, thanks to Shaky Hand Productions:



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Listen to yesterday’s ‘Recall Josh Newman Rally’ on KFI Radio

Yesterday afternoon, KFI Radio talk show hosts John and Ken broadcast a four-hour pre-election ‘Recall Josh Newman Rally’ from the Ayres Hotel in Orange. You can listen to the entire show below this photo.

Bruce on the John and Ken Show

As guests, they had several candidates who are running to replace Newman should he be recalled. Fullerton council member Bruce Whitaker (above left), who is running in the replacement election, can be heard at approximately 91:00 on the audio timeline:

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Fullerton City Hall is closed today for another three-day weekend

City Hall Closure Dates and
Observed Holidays

January –1*, 12, 26
February – 9, 19*, 23
March – 9, 23
April – 6, 20
May – 4, 18, 28*
June1, 15, 29
July – 4*, 13, 27
August – 10, 24
September – 3*, 7, 21
October – 5, 19
November – 2, 11*, 16, 22*, 23*,30
December – 14, 24*, 25*, 26^,27^, 28, 31*

*Holiday observed
^Winter Closure

Fullerton City Hall

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HJTA files suit over illegal CalSavers program

Today the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association filed suit in U.S. District Court against California’s so-called “CalSavers,” an illegal program that leaves taxpayers, businesses and private sector employees exposed to unnecessary costs and risks. Originally called “Secure Choice,” CalSavers is a state-run retirement plan for private-sector employees.

CalSavers“The program is facially invalid under the federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), which has preempted the area of private-sector retirement plans,” said HJTA president Jon Coupal.

The lawsuit, which named as defendants both the program and State Treasurer John Chiang as administrator, seeks a declaration that Secure Choice is invalid under the Federal Supremacy Clause. The lawsuit also seeks an injunction authorized under California law for illegal expenditure of taxpayer funds (California Code of Civil Procedure, Section 526a).

State-run efforts to establish new retirement systems for private-sector employees like California’s CalSavers program were the specific target of a federal law under the Congressional Review Act enacted last year and signed into law by President Trump.

“Congress has made it crystal clear that the CalSavers program and other similar programs adopted by a handful of other states are illegal under ERISA,” said Coupal. Those programs, which were relying on a President Obama era regulation which ostensibly provided a fig leaf of legitimacy, now have no legal cover whatsoever.”

He added, “There is no need for this program. Private employees already have access to Social Security which is backed by the Full Faith and Credit of the federal government. Moreover, individual retirement accounts (IRAs) are easy to set up. Given the poor performance of CalPERS and CalSTRS, both in terms of investment performance and governance, why would we give state politicians and bureaucrats access to another pension program?”

The state defendants have 21 days to answer the complaint.

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June 5th council meeting start moved up to 5:00 pm

According to a press release posted on the city’s website by public information coordinator Stephen Hale, the June 5th council meeting will begin at 5:00 pm instead of its usual 6:30 start time. The release explains:

The adjustment is being made to accommodate the June 5th Statewide Primary Election.

In order to maximize discussion time on items such as the city budget and other relevant topics of city business, the Fullerton City Council will not have a closed session on June 5th, instead starting the open session at 5:00 p.m. instead of the normal 6:30 p.m. start time. This change will be to the June 5th City Council Special Regular Meeting only and will resume 6:30 p.m. start times at the June 19th meeting.

Fullerton City Council meetings can be viewed in person at the Council Chambers in Fullerton City Hall (map), on the Public Access Channel or via the City of Fullerton website.

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