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The real story behind Sacramento’s push for tax hikes: pension red ink

Editorial, San Diego Union-Tribune | Two bold proposals to increase both taxes and what can be taxed illustrate how California’s elected leaders are failing to be honest with voters about the nature of the budget problems facing the state. The … Continue reading

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California’s leaky bucket theory of public improvement

By Jon Coupal | Unfortunately, Californians have come to expect significant levels of waste and incompetence when it comes to government programs. Just last week, we learned that the “new” $290 million computer system for the California Department of Tax … Continue reading

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Loss of local control a big issue in new water tax fight

By Jon Coupal | Throughout his tenure as governor, Jerry Brown has consistently pursued new revenue for transportation, housing and water. The Legislature, whose default reaction to any problem is to raise taxes on middle-class Californians, has only been too … Continue reading

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June 2nd Fullerton City Council Meeting Results

By Barry Levinson | They are considering three options to reduce the water loss at Laguna Lake. However, the only action taken on Laguna Lake at the last regular meeting on June 2 was to approve a consultant contract to … Continue reading

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The draining of Laguna Lake is on tonight’s council agenda

By Barry Levinson | Laguna Lake is Item #3 on tonight’s city council meeting agenda. The meeting starts at 6:30 pm. There are two things I hope we can accomplish by showing up en masse and letting our council know … Continue reading

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​Crocodile ‘tiers’ over court’s water rate ruling​

By Jon Coupal | Last week the California Court of Appeal issued an important ruling interpreting Proposition 218, the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association sponsored initiative approved by voters in 1996. Proposition 218 is entitled “The Taxpayers Right to Vote Act” … Continue reading

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Councilmember Fitzgerald to be replaced tonight as city’s MWD rep due to conflict of interest

By Tracy Wood, Voice of OC | The Fullerton City Council will select a replacement for Councilwoman Jennifer Fitzgerald to serve as a director of Southern California’s largest water agency because her new job with the Curt Pringle & Associates … Continue reading

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The Bay Delta Conservation Plan

Why should Southern California care? By Thomas S. Babcock | The Sacramento San Joaquin Delta covers nearly 738,000 acres and is the “hub” of the state’s water supply delivery system.  Drinking and irrigation water flows  from Northern California through this … Continue reading

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Reminder: California’s water supply is our meeting topic this Thursday

Thursday evening our city’s representative on the Board of Directors of the Metropolitan Water District, Thom Babcock, will update us on future plans for one of California’s most precious and contentious commodities — water. Some background provided by Thom: Over … Continue reading

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MWD Director Babcock to speak at meeting Nov. 14

Guest speaker at the November 14 meeting of the Fullerton Association of Concerned Taxpayers will be Thom Babcock, our city’s appointed representative to the Board of Directors of the Metropolitan Water District (MWD). He will be discussing the Bay Delta … Continue reading

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