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California’s recent history of manipulative taxation

By Kerry Jackson, Pacific Research Institute | The rest of the country wasn’t surprised when California recently considered becoming the first state in the country to tax text messages. It almost seems as if there is a group of unelected … Continue reading

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New tax proposals are unnecessary and hurt the middle-class

By Jon Coupal | No one disputes that California has a big budget surplus. According to the Office of the Legislative Analyst, California has budget reserves in excess of $18 billion. Our budget reserves exceed the entire state budget of … Continue reading

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Marin group named ‘Taxpayer Organization of the Year’ by HJTA

The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, California’s most influential taxpayer-advocacy organization, has named Marin’s Coalition of Sensible Taxpayers (CO$T) as “Taxpayer Organization of the Year” for 2018. HJTA annually recognizes outstanding effort by a local taxpayer organization or leader. CO$T is a … Continue reading

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California firefighter who made $327,491 in 2017 asks us to support higher taxes

By Edward Ring, California Policy Center | Every two years, around this time, political mailers inundate the mailboxes of California’s registered voters. This week, many Sacramento residents received a “Vote No on Prop 6″ mailer. Prop 6 is that pesky, … Continue reading

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Hard fought battles stop tax hikes in Legislature

By Jon Coupal | While on the campaign trail prior to the 1988 election, Republican presidential candidate George H.W. Bush uttered the now infamous words, “read my lips, no new taxes.” Of course, this was a pledge he broke, which … Continue reading

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Push for drinking water tax dies in the Legislature — for now

UPDATE on Thursday’s call to action to stop a new tax on water, SB 845. According to a story in the Sacramento Bee by reporter Taryn Luna, the tax died in the Legislature yesterday. But it will be back. “I … Continue reading

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Downtown paid parking proposal on tomorrow’s council meeting agenda

The City Council will consider the implementation of a 90-Day Downtown Nighttime Paid Parking Pilot Program at tomorrow night’s regularly scheduled meeting. It’s Item #1 on the agenda under Regular Business. We first reported on this on July 23. Here’s … Continue reading

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A new tax that will get a hang-up from legislators

By Joel Fox | Why is a savvy politician like Jerry Brown proposing a new tax increase with only one month to go in the legislative session of an election year? Such a strategy goes against conventional wisdom because legislators … Continue reading

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The Verdict On Prop 30 — Part II

More than 70% went to retirement costs By David Crane | In January 2012 California Governor Jerry Brown announced he would ask California voters to approve temporary sales and income tax increases. Later that year his proposal was embodied in … Continue reading

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A multi-pronged attack on Fullerton taxpayers’ wallets begins tonight

City staff’s quest for new revenue sources to balance the budget and perhaps fill a few potholes as employee pension costs continue to escalate begins at tonight’s special public meeting of the Transportation & Circulation Commission (the list of commission … Continue reading

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