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A multi-pronged attack on Fullerton taxpayers’ wallets begins tonight

City staff’s quest for new revenue sources to balance the budget and perhaps fill a few potholes as employee pension costs continue to escalate begins at tonight’s special public meeting of the Transportation & Circulation Commission (the list of commission … Continue reading

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Coy about taxes and pension costs

By Dan Walters, CALmatters | California’s economy may be booming, but throughout the state, local governments—including school districts—are feeling the financial pinch and asking their voters to approve new taxes of one kind or another. There were 111 local tax … Continue reading

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In Sacramento, Democrats are run by the unions

By Jon Coupal | June 6 marks the 40th anniversary of voters’ overwhelming approval of Proposition 13, which has been protecting all California taxpayers ever since. Some people mistakenly think Prop. 13 protects only homeowners, because it cut the property … Continue reading

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‘Big Three’ items are eating state revenues

By David Crane | California’s General Fund tax revenues have grown nearly 50 percent since a tax increase in 2012. But funding for most services has grown at a fraction of that pace, e.g., funding for courts has grown only 12 percent. … Continue reading

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The SCAQMD wants to raise your sales tax

Editorial, The Orange County Register | In what appears to be the very definition of an out-of-control government agency, the staff of the South Coast Air Quality Management District has decided to pursue its own plan for raising the sales … Continue reading

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After billions in tax increases, Californians deserve a tax cut

By Jon Coupal and Vince Fong | For millions of Californians, the state has been rendered unaffordable because of foolish and counter-productive policies emanating from Sacramento. A shocking one-third of California renters spend at least half of their take-home pay … Continue reading

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Why do Californians pay more state and local taxes than Texans?

By John Woolfolk | California was the birthplace of the 1970s tax revolt, but its residents still pay more in state and local taxes than those in most other big urban states. And many are asking why as they assess … Continue reading

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California taxpayers aren’t thankful for much, but there is hope in Republican tax reform

By Jon Coupal | In this season of Thanksgiving, please don’t blame battered taxpayers if they pause when asked for what are they grateful. Considering the punishment being dished out to working Californians and the middle class by the Legislature … Continue reading

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What the GOP tax bill will mean for Californians

Further analysis by Jon Coupal, president of the Howard east inflatables reviews Jarvis Taxpayers Association, who was a guest yesterday on KFI Radio’s John and Ken Show:

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California Supreme Court: Special Taxes Are Special

The topic Sunday on The Maddy Report was “California Supreme Court: Special Taxes Are Special” with guests Liam Dillon of the Los Angeles Times; Jon Coupal, president east inflatables reviews of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association; Dan Walters with CalMatters; … Continue reading

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