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Paid your taxes on April 15th? Take a breath — more may be on the way

By Loren Kaye | April 15 was Tax Day, so now you’re probably breathing a sigh of relief. Just don’t get too relaxed. More than $15 billion in tax increases – mostly aimed at business taxpayers – await hearings and … Continue reading

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No, California’s finances are not back in the black

By Patrick Gleason, Forbes | It’s happening again. People who should know better are pointing to California’s current budget surplus as proof that the state, the world’s fifth largest economy, is in sound financial shape. That figure is also being … Continue reading

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How California’s newly created tax agency could bankrupt small businesses across the country

By Steven Greenhut, The American Spectator | Those of us who live in California are used to the state’s aggressive tax-collection policies. Despite record-setting budgets, the state never has enough revenue to fund all the programs it wants to create … Continue reading

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More than $6.2 billion a year in higher taxes and fees introduced by state lawmakers

As of the deadline for introducing legislation, California lawmakers proposed more than $6.2 billion a year in higher taxes and fees, the nonpartisan California Tax Foundation reported today. This figure will grow substantially as fiscal estimates are prepared for recently … Continue reading

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Most say they’re taxed more than their fair share

More Americans than ever think they are overtaxed despite last year’s tax cuts and tax reform. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 57% of American Adults believe they are paying more than their fair share … Continue reading

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California still dying for new taxes

By Steven Greenhut | California’s state budget is flush with cash and spending levels have hit record highs. After last decade’s recession, state lawmakers talked about making up for spending “cutbacks,” but those days of slowed spending growth are long-distant … Continue reading

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Assembly Democrats want lower threshold to raise local taxes

By Kathleen Ronayne, Sacramento Bee | California voters could decide in 2020 whether it should be easier for their local governments to raise taxes and issue bonds for affordable housing, road improvements and other public projects. A constitutional amendment proposed … Continue reading

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Tax myths

By John Stossel, Reason TV | Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez thinks taxing the rich at 70 percent will bring in lots of tax money. It won’t.

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Oppose Sacramento’s latest ‘gas tax’

By Carolyn Cavecche, Orange County Register | You have to give politicians in Sacramento credit. They don’t waste time celebrating their victories before starting their next plan of attack. In last November’s election, California voters chose not to repeal Senate … Continue reading

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The tax system, explained in beer

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