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Non-elected California Energy Commission’s vote could add up to $30,000 to the cost of new houses

Despite soaring home prices, a California commission issues a new solar-panel rule that will drive up the cost of new houses by as much as $30,000. By Steven Greenhut| California officials have been obsessed this year about the ongoing housing … Continue reading

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Under guise of ‘affordable housing,’ redevelopment might be making a comeback

By Steven Greenhut | In the seven years since Gov. Jerry Brown shut down California’s redevelopment agencies, their defenders have managed to resuscitate their image. Never mind that these controversial agencies ladled out corporate welfare, wantonly abused eminent domain on … Continue reading

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Gas-tax repeal gets closer to vote as ‘bullet’ train spotlights state’s misplaced priorities

By Steven Greenhut | Almost everyone agrees that California’s infrastructure is shockingly decrepit, yet public anger over a 12-cent-a-gallon gas tax to address that problem has not subsided. Although an effort by GOP gubernatorial candidate Travis Allen to repeal the … Continue reading

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Gov. Brown finally spends political capital to fix California’s pension system

By Steven Greenhut | Gov. Jerry Brown has more political capital than, perhaps, any modern politician has had in this state. He’s an iconic figure and smarter than almost anyone else in the Capitol, so he can pretty much have … Continue reading

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CalPERS is shocked – just shocked – to find cities reeling under the burden of growing pension debt

By Steven Greenhut | The California Public Employees’ Retirement System’s union defenders feign shock whenever pension reformers accuse it of “kicking the can down the road” in dealing with the state’s mounting pension debt. It’s like the scene from Casablanca, … Continue reading

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Assemblyman Daly’s cynical bill shows why public-sector abuses are rampant

By Steven Greenhut | Whenever I write about some of the absurd benefits and gamesmanship that flourish within California’s public sector, people write back in disbelief. They have no idea of the many special payments and protections afforded to the … Continue reading

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Napa fires highlight huge disparities between wealthy firefighters and ‘slave laborers’

By Steven Greenhut | As Napa’s deadly wildfires have subsided, newspapers and politicians are asking an interesting question in an indelicate way. How come the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, or Cal Fire, relies so heavily on thousands … Continue reading

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Deadly California wildfires raise needed debate about current spending

By Steven Greenhut | In the days before Facebook and other social media, it was a matter of course to wait a few days after tragedies strike before making political and policy points about the latest event. We always need … Continue reading

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Cities facing fiscal mess plead with CalPERS as pensions consume budgets

By Steven Greenhut | If you ask the union-controlled California Public Employees’ Retirement System about the state’s looming pension crisis, you’re likely to get this answer: What pension crisis? But the story was much different at CalPERS’ own Finance and … Continue reading

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California legislative session ends with higher taxes

By Steven Greenhut | California’s legislative session, which completed its work in the wee hours Saturday morning, was one of the more controversial ones in years, given the degree to which the Democratic majority was able to secure various tax … Continue reading

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