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California government turns on traffic court rules

By James Poulos, CalWatchdog | In a matter of weeks, all three branches of California government have turned against the state’s widespread traffic violations bureaucracy. The system, which subjects rich and poor alike to spiraling penalties, fees and surcharges, has … Continue reading

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Fullerton police union is first (and only) to go negative in city council campaign

From the Fullerton Rag: “Until late last week, 2014’s City Council campaigns had been refreshingly free of negative campaigning, but the Fullerton Police Officers Association simply has too much money not to spend it slinging mud at its chosen targets. … Continue reading

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Why incidents like the Kelly Thomas beating death by Fullerton police won’t go away

The increasing number of suspected police abuse incidents caught on video is becoming a real problem for both our police departments and our society By Barry Levinson | Police Chiefs around this country tell us repeatedly how well-trained the members … Continue reading

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A nationwide excessive force epidemic?

On Tuesday, CNN reporter Susan Candiotti reported on what many perceive to be an alarming increase in the use of excessive force amongst police departments nationwide:

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July 4th and 5th: A tale of two anniversaries

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Sean Paden delivered the following comments at the June 17th Fullerton City Council meeting during public comments.] By Sean Paden | There are two anniversaries coming up between now and the next City Council meeting on July 15th. … Continue reading

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A post mortem on the AJ Redkey arrest . . .

. . . and how our FPD and our police chief Dan Hughes handled it By Barry Levinson| The police are paid well to serve and protect. An innocent man, Kelly Thomas, was brutally beaten to death by 6 officers, … Continue reading

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June 3 Fullerton Council Meeting: The People’s Trial of Police Chief Dan Hughes

I REPORT, YOU DECIDE. By Barry Levinson | There are many people who are upset about the Fullerton Police Department (FPD) sending six (6) police officers and several vehicles all the way up to Pasadena for a half day just … Continue reading

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Acquited ex-Fullerton cop Cicinelli receiving $40K-a-year pension from LAPD

RT | One of the two former Fullerton, California police department officers acquitted this month in the brutal 2011 beating death of Kelly Thomas has for years been receiving a $40,000 annual pension from the city of Los Angeles. Before … Continue reading

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None dare call it madness

“Over the course of the past two and a half years the City of Fullerton Police Department has taken significant steps to make it the best department possible. As Fullerton’s new Police Chief, I will make sure those efforts continue … Continue reading

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‘Not guilty’ verdict in Kelly Thomas beating trial is a cause for cynicism

Actions of officers, police department called into question By Steven Greenhut | I’ve always taken comfort in comedian George Carlin’s quip that “scratch any cynic and you will find a disappointed idealist.” It’s not that cynics want the world to … Continue reading

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