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New CalSTRS data shows Orange County’s ‘$100,000 Pension Club’ grew 97% over past five years

The number of retired Orange County educators collecting pensions of $100,000 or more from the California State Teachers Retirement System (CalSTRS) has nearly doubled since 2012, according to just-released pension payout data from Last year, 1,989 CalSTRS members who retired from … Continue reading

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2017 CalPERS pension data for Fullerton now online

CalPERS payouts approach $21 billion, up 43% over past 5 years Today, — California’s largest public pay database — released pension payout data for the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) for the fiscal year ending July 31, 2017. The data … Continue reading

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Setting the record straight on CalPERS, SB 400 and our underfunded public employee pensions

By John Moorlach | As California continues to grapple with pension reform, it’s important to keep the record straight on how the state got into this mess. A major reason was the pension spiking of nearly 20 years ago, specifically Senate … Continue reading

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Fullerton’s city manager to discuss the public employee pension crisis tomorrow in Newport Beach

Fullerton City Manager Ken Domer will be participating tomorrow in a forum on California’s public employee pension crisis sponsored by the Association of California Cities-Orange County. The event will be held in Newport Beach. In addition to Domer, the discussion … Continue reading

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Former Fullerton cop to serve jail time, but keep full CalPERS pension

An excellent post yesterday by David Curlee on the Friends for Fullerton’s Future blog describes the end result of a plea bargain by former Fullerton cop Miguel “Sonny” Siliceo. It has ensured that his CalPERS pension will be left intact … Continue reading

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Broad range of stakeholders file amicus briefs urging California Supreme Court to reject the ‘California Rule’

Five organizations filed amicus briefs last week in support of the State of California in the pension reform case of Cal Fire v. CalPERS. Each brief articulates the constitutional right of the legislature to adjust future pension benefits and the … Continue reading

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HJTA files amicus brief in critical pension reform case

The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, California’s most influential taxpayer-advocacy organization, has joined Governor Jerry Brown in an effort to end a state rule that limits changes to public employee pension plans. On Wednesday, HJTA submitted an amicus curiae brief in … Continue reading

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New CalPERS pension payment schedule will squeeze Fullerton’s budget even more

By Adam Ashton, Sacramento Bee | California cities struggling with recent hikes in their pension fees will see another one in 2021 because of a decision CalPERS made on Tuesday to speed up the rate of their debt payments. The … Continue reading

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Market downturn is a triple whammy for Californians

By Richard Rider | Most of us are less wealthy than last week. The stock market and crypto-currencies took dramatic tumbles. But it’s actually a triple whammy — especially for Californians. Not only did our investments, IRAs and 401(k)s take … Continue reading

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Surging pension costs push more California cities toward bankruptcy

By Dan Walters | From one end of California to the other, hundreds of cities are facing a tsunami of pension costs that officials say is forcing them to reduce vital services and could drive some—perhaps many—into functional insolvency or … Continue reading

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