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Fullerton’s $100,000 Pension Club membership increased 157% in four years

Following up on recent posts about the $100,000 Pension Club (here and here), we looked back to see how fast this group is growing in the City of Fullerton. According to the most recent data, in 2016 there were 90 … Continue reading

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California’s statewide ‘$100,000 Pension Club’ membership stands at 62,474

Transparent California has announced that it has now received the most current pension payout data from almost all of California’s state, county and city pension funds. According to this data there were at least 62,474 retired public employees who collected pensions of … Continue reading

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America’s public pension crisis and taxpayer risk

Charles Millard — former head of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation — talks with CNBC’s Rick Santelli about how massive public pension shortfalls are being understated: Millard has been a longtime subscriber to the daily headline mailings from

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Fullerton’s ‘$100,000 Pension Club’ now has 90 members

Transparent California recently updated its website with 2016 pension data for the City of Fullerton. Following is a list of the 90 retired Fullerton city employees (out of a total of 696 retirees) who are receiving annual pensions of $100,000 … Continue reading

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Deadly California wildfires raise needed debate about current spending

By Steven Greenhut | In the days before Facebook and other social media, it was a matter of course to wait a few days after tragedies strike before making political and policy points about the latest event. We always need … Continue reading

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Public employee pensions vs. a split roll for Proposition 13

By Joel Fox | I guess I should use the old vaudeville line: Stop me if you’ve heard this one: the push to increase commercial property taxes is about government pension costs. Returning to this subject at this time (I … Continue reading

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Pension costs are ‘crowding out’ spending on parks, schools and social services, says report by Prof. Joe Nation at Stanford

By Adam Ashton, Sacramento Bee | California governments likely will make do with fewer teachers, parks employees and other public workers while they struggle to absorb fast-rising pension costs in the next few years, a former state lawmaker argues in … Continue reading

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Cities facing fiscal mess plead with CalPERS as pensions consume budgets

By Steven Greenhut | If you ask the union-controlled California Public Employees’ Retirement System about the state’s looming pension crisis, you’re likely to get this answer: What pension crisis? But the story was much different at CalPERS’ own Finance and … Continue reading

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Cities throughout the state are ‘gravely concerned’ about ‘unsustainable’ pension costs

By Ed Mendel | The city manager of once-bankrupt Vallejo expects soaring police pension costs to reach 98 percent of pay in a decade. Lodi employees dropped from 490 to 390 in the last decade. And Oroville, after cutting a third … Continue reading

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Here come more tax increases!

Supreme Court ruling lets unions collude with cities to raise local taxes. By Steven Greenhut| The California Supreme Court this week issued a stunning blow to California’s taxpayers with a convoluted ruling that lets local governments collude with public-employee unions … Continue reading

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