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Who NOT to vote for in Fullerton’s City Council race

By Jack Dean | It seemed to me that State Senator John Moorlach must have been opening my home snail-mail when I read these paragraphs in his recent commentary in the Daily Pilot titled, Public employee union donations pose a … Continue reading

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Getting up to speed before voting on Tuesday

Tuesday’s balloting is coming up fast. For those of you who traditionally put off thinking about how you’re going to vote until the weekend before the election, we’ll be posting several items between now and then to help give you … Continue reading

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Fullerton police union is first (and only) to go negative in city council campaign

From the Fullerton Rag: “Until late last week, 2014’s City Council campaigns had been refreshingly free of negative campaigning, but the Fullerton Police Officers Association simply has too much money not to spend it slinging mud at its chosen targets. … Continue reading

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The Fullerton Rag’s take on council candidate Larry Bennett

In a post on the Fullerton Rag blog, Matt Leslie provides an excellent analysis of the candidacy of Larry Bennett titled: “Larry Bennett: Revenge of Fullerton’s Recalled.” Here’s an excerpt: “If you liked the Fullerton City Council before the Great … Continue reading

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Doug Chaffee and Larry Bennett — the Fullerton police union’s odd couple

An excellent analysis by the Fullerton Rag: “Confused supporters of Mayor and City Council candidate Doug Chaffee have noticed the giant green and blue signs bearing his name and the name of fellow candidate Larry Bennett, and wondered who could … Continue reading

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City Council — who NOT to vote for: Chaffee, Bennett or Alvarez

The simple rule of thumb is this: If a candidate is backed by a public employee union — especially the Fullerton Police Officers Association (FPOA) — DON’T vote for him or her. Doug Chaffee and Larry Bennett have the backing … Continue reading

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