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University of California strikers don’t see the full budget picture

By John Moorlach | I get the impression the University of California workers who went on strike May 7 don’t know the half of the financial problems of which the UC system suffers. According to the Los Angeles Times, more than 20,000 members of the American Federation … Continue reading

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Most Orange County city finances bleed red ink

Fullerton is #28 out of the county’s 34 cities By John Moorlach | Kudos to the Orange County cities of Cypress, Tustin, Irvine and Laguna Beach for enjoying the most sound balance sheets among Orange County’s 34 cities. But cautions … Continue reading

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Setting the record straight on CalPERS, SB 400 and our underfunded public employee pensions

By John Moorlach | As California continues to grapple with pension reform, it’s important to keep the record straight on how the state got into this mess. A major reason was the pension spiking of nearly 20 years ago, specifically Senate … Continue reading

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Fullerton’s city manager to discuss the public employee pension crisis tomorrow in Newport Beach

Fullerton City Manager Ken Domer will be participating tomorrow in a forum on California’s public employee pension crisis sponsored by the Association of California Cities-Orange County. The event will be held in Newport Beach. In addition to Domer, the discussion … Continue reading

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Two red flags that California’s economy isn’t as healthy as we think

By John Moorlach | Two recent financial tremors should caution California and its municipalities that they had better get their financial houses in order. The first came from Controller Betty Yee in her update on the state’s retiree health care … Continue reading

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A crucial pension reform Congress must enact

By John Moorlach | Regardless of what else is done, here’s the missing piece Congress and President Trump must add to the tax reform they’re working on: public-employee pension reform. What good is it if you get $500 in tax … Continue reading

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Take a scalpel to $345 million in California’s stem-cell research waste

By Jon Coupal and John Moorlach | Just as good scientists are drawn to conclusions by solid data, the decision whether to spend another $345 million by California’s state-run stem-cell research project should be based on an objective analysis as … Continue reading

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California’s legislative Democrats answer to public employee unions

By John Moorlach | This past year, many California legislators had the answer of who dominates them: the public-employee unions. Bill after bill, these wealthy unions showed who runs those under the Capitol dome, showing the unions own the supermajority … Continue reading

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Cities throughout the state are ‘gravely concerned’ about ‘unsustainable’ pension costs

By Ed Mendel | The city manager of once-bankrupt Vallejo expects soaring police pension costs to reach 98 percent of pay in a decade. Lodi employees dropped from 490 to 390 in the last decade. And Oroville, after cutting a third … Continue reading

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Legislature ignores Caltrans boondoggles as taxpayers suffer

By John Moorlach | The California Legislature is obsessing over relatively minor problems with the state Board of Equalization while ignoring Caltrans boondoggles costing taxpayers billions of dollars. At the same time, in November drivers will be run over by … Continue reading

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