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A new tax that will get a hang-up from legislators

By Joel Fox | Why is a savvy politician like Jerry Brown proposing a new tax increase with only one month to go in the legislative session of an election year? Such a strategy goes against conventional wisdom because legislators … Continue reading

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After 40 years, Proposition 13 still protects California taxpayers

By Joel Fox| The Proposition 13 tax revolt was more than an uprising against out-of-control property taxes. Passed by voters 40 years ago Wednesday, Proposition 13 survives in deep-blue California because it stands as a strong symbol not only about … Continue reading

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Proposition 13 on Jerry Brown’s mind

By Joel Fox | By my count, Governor Jerry Brown mentioned Proposition 13, the nearly 40-year old property tax reform, three times during his press conference presenting a new state budget. Brown’s discussion of Prop 13 came in the context … Continue reading

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Public employee pensions vs. a split roll for Proposition 13

By Joel Fox | I guess I should use the old vaudeville line: Stop me if you’ve heard this one: the push to increase commercial property taxes is about government pension costs. Returning to this subject at this time (I … Continue reading

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An update on the two ballot initiatives to repeal the gas tax

By Joel Fox | A Sacramento judge’s re-writing of the gas tax initiative title and summary will have implications on a title and summary for a second initiative on the same subject–and then the battle begins whether one or both … Continue reading

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Budget trailer bill mischief

By Joel Fox | The California state budget was passed and signed two months ago but the legislature is still passing trailer bills attached to the budget with small money tweaks and major policy changes. Kids & Toddlers Bouncy Castles … Continue reading

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Newman recall campaign a topic today on KABC Radio

This morning Joel Fox, publisher of the highly respected Fox & Hounds political blog, was a guest Kids & Toddlers Bouncy Castles of talk show host Doug McIntyre on KABC Radio. The discussion was about the Democrats’ ongoing shenanigans in … Continue reading

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Court action puts focus on today’s FPPC recall election funding decision

By Joel Fox | The Fair Political Practices Commission decision today about whether elected officials can exceed limits to help in a recall campaign became more urgent for Sen. Josh Newman when a Court of Appeal froze the new law … Continue reading

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How about naming rights for the state capitol building?

By Joel Fox | For $12 million a year, the Los Angeles Dodgers are willing to offer naming rights to the field within Dodger Stadium on which the ball club plays. If that helps the Dodgers meet its budget obligations, perhaps … Continue reading

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Poll on gas tax sends a tremor through the political landscape

By Joel Fox | A tremor ran through the 2018 California elections with the release of the UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies poll that shows widespread disdain for the recently passed gas tax and vehicle fees–even before collection of the … Continue reading

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