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Cities facing fiscal mess plead with CalPERS as pensions consume budgets

By Steven Greenhut | If you ask the union-controlled California Public Employees’ Bouncy Castles For Sale Retirement System about the state’s looming pension crisis, you’re likely to get this answer: What pension crisis? But the story was much different at … Continue reading

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Police misconduct undermines justice and costs taxpayers plenty

By Steven Greenhut | News reports last week suggest the city of Oakland may be ready to settle a civil lawsuit filed by the teenage woman at the heart of a sex-abuse scandal that rocked Oakland’s and other nearby police … Continue reading

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Forget fiscal responsibility: Jerry Brown embraces pension shell game

By Steven Greenhut | The Jerry Brown administration last week released its revised May budget and, lo and behold, it has finally decided to (kind of, sort of) tackle the state’s massive and growing level of unfunded liabilities – i.e., … Continue reading

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Proposed massive road tax will really be a pension tax

By Steven Greenhut| Gov. Jerry Brown and Democratic legislators have caused a stir with their plan to increase taxes to pay for the state’s unquestionably decrepit infrastructure of roads and bridges. Instead of thinking of this as a new transportation … Continue reading

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California’s total government debt rises to $1.3 trillion

By Ed Ring | A just released study calculates the total state and local government debt in California as of June 30, 2015, at over $1.3 trillion. Authored by Marc Joffe and Bill Fletcher at the California Policy Center, this … Continue reading

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California’s most financially stressed cities and counties

By Marc Joffe, Julie Lark, and Ed Ring, California Policy Center | Over two years have passed since the cities of Mammoth Lakes, San Bernardino and Stockton filed for municipal bankruptcy. While this quiet period reminds us that municipal insolvency is … Continue reading

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There are 166 local tax increase proposals on California ballots, and they are not for the kids

By Mike Shedlock | There are 166 tax increase proposals on the ballot in California. 118 of them are bond proposals. It matters little what the proposals are for. Forget about any claim that “it’s for the kids.” Politicians have … Continue reading

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