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Do Democrats in Sacramento really want to fix Prop. 13 problems?

By Thomas D. Elias | If it’s ever to be fixed, only a ballot proposition can repair the largest and most obvious inequity caused by Proposition 13, the landmark 1978 tax-cutting initiative that causes next-door neighbors in identical homes to … Continue reading

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Coy about taxes and pension costs

By Dan Walters, CALmatters | California’s economy may be booming, but throughout the state, local governments—including school districts—are feeling the financial pinch and asking their voters to approve new taxes of one kind or another. There were 111 local tax … Continue reading

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CommonSense: Ought implies Cantifornia

By Paul Jacob | “Strip away the absurdity,” writes Scott Shackford at Reason, “and it’s essentially a very technical ruling.” Shackford is explaining a bizarre recent judgment of the California Supreme Court. Politicians in Sacramento had, years ago, passed a … Continue reading

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Today marks an anniversary that Fullerton isn’t proud of

By Sean Paden | This isn’t an anniversary that anyone enjoys celebrating, but today marks the seven-year anniversary of quite possibly the single most notorious incident in the City of Fullerton’s history. Three officers involved in the beating death of … Continue reading

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Fireworks tonight at the Fullerton High School softball field

Food and festival start at 5:00, fireworks start at 9:00. For details regarding entertainment, food and parking — plus a map of it all — please click here.

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The Declaration of Independence was more radical than any of the men who signed it

By Jay Cost | This week the United States of America will celebrate the 242nd anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. If the weatherman is to be believed, this July 4th will be an especially hot one … Continue reading

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Tomorrow night’s city council meeting has been cancelled

Due to the Independence Day holiday, tomorrow night’s City Council meeting (July 3) has been cancelled. The next scheduled meeting will be on July 17. To see the cancellation notice and other city meeting agendas, please click here.

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Janus decision gives California taxpayers a fighting chance

By Jon Coupal | Early in World War II, Nazi Germany pounded Great Britain from the air for months in what was known as “The Battle of Britain.” It was a certainty that the bombing campaign was the precursor to … Continue reading

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Janus court decision is a big win for Californians

By John Moorlach | The U.S. Supreme Court’s Janus v. American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees decision struck a strong blow for freedom, not just for public employees, but all Americans. This is especially true for Californians. The … Continue reading

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Call the Capitol Monday morning to urge support for Proposition 13

The following message was received yesterday from Jon Coupal, president of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association: On Monday, July 2, the California Assembly’s Committee on Revenue and Taxation will consider whether to support a special resolution, ACR 247, in honor … Continue reading

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