Criminal complaint filed against Caltrans for campaigning against Prop. 6

Yesterday, the Yes on Prop. 6 campaign filed a criminal complaint against Caltrans for using tax dollars to campaign against Prop. 6. The violation was caught on video.

In an email message to supporters yesterday, Yes on Prop. 6 campaign chairman Carl DeMaio outlined what happened:

On Tuesday, a Caltrans work crew along State Route 78 in San Diego stopped traffic and handed each driver a “No on Prop. 6″ flier. We got calls from angry commuters who were appalled at the traffic delay and the inappropriate use of our tax funds for politics! We sent a video crew out to collect the evidence —- this is now an open and shut case of illegal diversion of gas tax funds for politics.

Read the full complaint, review all the evidence on the Yes on 6 website, and watch the Channel 10 (ABC San Diego) news coverage below:


Caltrans contractors accused of distributing flyers urging ‘no’ vote on gas tax repeal (San Diego Union-Tribune)

Gas Tax Battle: Yes on Prop 6 Campaign claims misuse of taxpayer money (Channel 8 CBS San Diego)


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