Today marks an anniversary that Fullerton isn’t proud of

By Sean Paden | This isn’t an anniversary that anyone enjoys celebrating, but today marks the seven-year anniversary of quite possibly the single most notorious incident in the City of Fullerton’s history.

Three officers involved in the beating death of Kelly Thomas remain on the force (the ones who did not actively participate but also did not actively attempt to stop what transpired). Of the three that were fired, two are currently seeking to be reinstated with the Fullerton Police Department. This is after forcing the city to spend millions of our taxpayer dollars litigating and settling lawsuits arising from their conduct — and causing a family to bury their son well before his time.

While I personally believe there is much more the City needs to do to reform its department, the firing of these two was at least a step in the right direction. Forcing us to take them back would be a disaster for the City in almost all respects.

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