Fullerton’s ‘$100,000 Pension Club’ now has 98 members

Transparent California recently updated its website with 2017 pension data for the City of Fullerton. Following is a list of the 98 (last year it was 90) retired Fullerton city employees (out of a total of 707 retirees) who are receiving annual pensions of $100,000 or more:

Michael F Sellers

Christopher G Meyer

Gregory E Mayes

Julie A Kunze

John T Petropulos

Geoffrey L Spalding

Daniel F Chidester

Kevin M Hamilton

Michael C Maynard

Lorraine M Jones

Gary M Dominguez

Allen W Burks

Frank P Dudley

Michael P Dillon

Douglas L Cave

Antonio H Hernandez

Thomas R Basham

H S Hunt

Ronny T Rowell

Craig A Brower

Steven M Matson

Glenn L Steinbrink

David J Stanko

Robert E Hodson

Mark H Flannery

Richard W Riley

Terry W Stringham

Robert B Richardson

Daniel R Becerra

George E Newman

Philip A Goehring

David M Duncan

Patrick E McKinley (* see footnote below)

Jeffrey E Roop

Alfred R Casas

William J McFadden Jr

Terrence L Schulz

Brad A Hockersmith

Bonnie J Clanin

Tak S Kim

Richard D Bohling

Mary K Murphy

Donald R Pearce

Neal R Baldwin

Paul C Turney

Ronald B Gillett

Timothy Janovick

Kurt J Bertuzzi

Arthur D Wiechmann

Linda J King

David P Appel

Jonathon E Mcaulay

John W Pierson

Vicki L Magliocco

Ted J Basaites

Sean P Fares

Gregory E Abercrombie

William D Kendrick

Eric N Halverson

Richard A Hutchinson

Craig J Bradley

Danny E Hughes (** see footnote below)

Kirke W Warren

Marvin B Wilder

Mark D Huckabey

Kenneth R Head

Michael L Burges

Michael L Fields

Lewis E Castle

Jan J Van Druten Jr

Ronnie W Stancyk

Chris P Harris

Glen W Banks

Rosemarie G Johnson

John L Stea

Larry B Greene

Donald R Haid

Carlos Rocha

Leland R Devore

Richard S Kvancz

Thomas S Clanin

John A De Caprio

Darryl N Bermender

Rodney W Barth

Michael S Fill

John L Kaa

Robert W Savage

Mary E Murphy

Steven M Brouwer

Joseph K Frilot

Samuel P Contino

Matthew V Malone

Karen G Lindsey-MacDonald

John R Quick

Laura A Markoski

Beverley A White

Terry M Galvin

Larry M Sears

* Patrick McKinley: Prior to becoming Fullerton’s police chief, he worked for the LAPD for 29 years, so he also receives a pension and benefits totaling in excess of $100,000 per year from the Los Angeles Fire and Police Employees Pension fund. The latest data available is for 2016.

** Danny Hughes: The 2017 pension amount was prorated to reflect a retirement date of 11/12/2016. The estimated, annualized amount is $193,155.00.)

To view this list online — including each retiree’s years of service and year of retirement plus info on the rest of Fullerton’s 707 retirees — click here.

The average annual pension and benefit package for full-career retired city employees in 2017 was $84,778.51.

All data was obtained by Transparent California from the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS).

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  1. How about Michael F. Sellers? How much of his pension is Fullerton paying?