Discounted gas sold in Carlsbad in an effort to repeal the gas tax

On Monday, the statewide effort to overturn the 12-cent gas tax increase took an interesting turn when former San Diego city council member Carl DeMiao lured people into signing the gas tax repeal petition with really cheap gas.

The gas station owner agreed to lose money in order to entice people with a price of $1.99 per gallon.

“I’m taking a hit, but it’s okay,” said Les Kourie. “The public is happy, they seem happy. And they get the message, stop this gas tax.”

Radio talk show host Carl DeMaio started the gas tax recall initiative after a super-majority of Democrats in Sacramento, including state Senator Josh Newman (D-Fullerton), approved a 12-cent tax on each gallon of gas and a huge increase in the car tax.

“The people up there are not accountable,” DeMaio said. “They say this money will fix roads and bridges and it’s simply not true.”

DeMaio is hoping to collect almost 600,000 signatures to make the November ballot. About 500,000 signatures have already been gathered.

While hundreds of people enjoyed filling up their tanks with cheap gas, they also signed the petition. [Source: KUSI-TV]

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