Signature gathering to repeal the gas tax will begin on Nov. 30

Carl DeMaio was on the John and Ken Show again Monday to provide an update on the initiative to repeal the gas tax:

John and Ken will be kicking off the east inflatables reviews signature-gathering effort with a live broadcast at the Ayres Hotel in Orange next Thursday, November 30, from 2:00-6:00pm.

The hotel is located at 200 The City Drive North, Orange — right off the 5 Freeway.

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3 Responses to Signature gathering to repeal the gas tax will begin on Nov. 30

  1. john barnett says:

    Dear Ken and John a avid listen since you arrived How Many years ago ( 20+? ) Totally opposed to the gas bag tax HA! Gave a donation to the cause of $25.00 when the flag waving first started many months ago. All I asked when this thing got to the petition stage is for them to mail me some long forms when they came available. Have received nothing and a little disappointed. I have lived and worked in a community of approximately 3,000 homeowners for the last 40 yrs. years and could garner alot of signatures right in my backyard. Don’t forget Southwestern Riverside County we have a large voice… Thanks John Barnett

  2. Gary Kettas says:

    Where are the ONLINE PETITIONS for us California CITIZENS to sign the initiative to repeal the gas tax???? Please consider and regard this email message as my ONLINE SIGNATURE to repeal the gas tax!!!! Gary Kettas