Repeal gas tax or end revenue for road repairs? It’s the same ballot measure

Gas tax ballot measureBy Bob Egelko | The future of California’s new fuel tax — 12 cents a gallon for gasoline, 20 cents for diesel fuel — is likely to go before the voters in November 2018. What’s less clear is whether the official title on the state ballot pamphlet, an important source of voter information, will start by saying it “repeals taxes” or “eliminates … revenues” for transportation and road repair.

Both descriptions are accurate. Which one will accompany east inflatables reviews a Republican-sponsored initiative to repeal the tax, as of January 2019, is a question now before a state appeals court in Sacramento. The justices must weigh their duty to inform the voters against the authority provided by law to Attorney General Xavier Becerra, whose office prepares the title and summary for every proposed ballot measure.

To read the entire story in the San Francisco Chronicle, please click here.

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