Fullerton’s ‘$100,000 Pension Club’ now has 90 members

Transparent California recently updated its website with Air track gymnastics 2016 pension data for the City of Fullerton. Following is a list of the 90 retired Fullerton city employees (out of a total of 696 retirees) who are receiving annual pensions of $100,000 or more:

Michael F Sellers    $196,000.44
Christopher G Meyer    $184,135.08
Gregory E Mayes    $176,842.44
John T Petropulos    $165,374.04
Geoffrey L Spalding    $164,778.24
Daniel F Chidester    $159,091.64
Kevin M Hamilton    $157,539.24
Michael C Maynard    $157,072.68
Lorraine M Jones    $156,837.24
Gary M Dominguez    $155,452.92
Allen W Burks    $152,664.44
Frank P Dudley    $150,709.56
Michael P Dillon    $149,681.28
Douglas L Cave    $148,335.12
Thomas R Basham    $145,434.84
Antonio H Hernandez    $145,381.60
H S Hunt    $144,123.56
Craig A Brower    $143,016.84
Ronny T Rowell    $142,832.56
Steven M Matson    $141,527.88
Glenn L Steinbrink    $140,715.00
Julie A Kunze    $139,469.00
David J Stanko   $137,266.84
Robert E Hodson    $136,897.36
Mark H Flannery    $136,196.76
Richard W Riley    $136,041.84
Terry W Stringham    $135,781.08
Robert B Richardson    $134,016.84
George E Newman    $133,503.12
Daniel R Becerra    $133,035.68
Philip A Goehring    $131,321.40
David M Duncan    $131,113.20
Patrick E McKinley    $130,698.00
Alfred R Casas    $130,483.32
William J McFadden Jr    $130,456.68
Jeffrey E Roop    $129,636.60
Terrence L Schulz    $129,291.72
Brad A Hockersmith    $128,792.52
Bonnie J Clanin    $128,050.20
Tak S Kim    $126,878.64
Richard D Bohling    $125,394.00
Mary K Murphy    $125,322.72
Neal R Baldwin    $124,110.96
Donald R Pearce    $123,221.72
Timothy Janovick    $120,588.00
Paul C Turney    $120,325.72
Kurt J Bertuzzi    $120,136.92
Ronald B Gillett    $120,044.00
Linda J King    $118,942.44
Arthur D Wiechmann    $118,863.36
David P Appel    $118,343.40
Jonathon E Mcaulay    $116,445.12
Sean P Fares    $115,953.00
John W Pierson    $115,854.20
Vicki L Magliocco    $115,757.80
Gregory E Abercrombie    $114,378.96
William D Kendrick    $114,335.64
Eric N Halverson    $114,151.80
Richard A Hutchinson    $113,980.92
Craig J Bradley    $113,238.40
Kirke W Warren    $111,558.24
Marvin B Wilder    $111,423.96
Michael L Burges    $110,665.92
Kenneth R Head    $110,265.60
Michael L Fields    $109,998.48
Ronnie W Stancyk    $109,263.12
Chris P Harris    $109,030.80
Glen W Banks    $108,918.48
Lewis E Castle    $108,857.36
John L Stea    $108,240.12
Donald R Haid    $107,868.48
Carlos Rocha    $107,819.04
Rosemarie G Johnson    $107,605.96
Larry B Greene    $107,007.64
Thomas S Clanin    $106,606.56
John A De Caprio    $106,222.68
Leland R Devore    $105,907.92
Richard S Kvancz    $105,836.68
Ted J Basaites    $105,674.78
Darryl N Bermender    $105,647.76
Rodney W Barth    $105,074.04
Michael S Fill    $104,975.16
John L Kaa    $103,736.04
Robert W Savage    $103,028.88
Mary E Murphy    $102,404.40
Steven M Brouwer    $102,220.56
Samuel P Contino    $101,609.24
Karen G Lindsey-Macdonald    $101,114.04
Laura A Markoski    $100,784.16
Jan J Van Druten Jr    $100,454.95

To view this list online — including each retiree’s years of service and year of retirement plus info on the rest of Fullerton’s 696 retirees — click here.

The average annual pension and benefit package for full-career retired city employees in 2016 was $86,875.24.

All data was obtained by Transparent California from the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS).

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2 Responses to Fullerton’s ‘$100,000 Pension Club’ now has 90 members

  1. Sean Paden says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t this just the pension accrued while at the city of Fullerton? Pat McKinley’s pension was reported to be much higher, but he also worked a fair amount of time at LAPD before coming here.