Last week Josh Newman cast key votes for billions in new taxes and debt

Yesterday the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association sent the following email message to subscribers:

It’s always bad when politicians hit us with new taxes and add to our ballooning debt with new spending we can’t afford. But it adds insult to injury when they increase our taxes and debt in last-minute, late-night votes right before leaving town – and that’s exactly what Sacramento did late last Friday night.

Josh Newman

Tax raisers rubber-stamped $300 million a year in new taxes and $8 billion in increases to our debt – and again Josh Newman cast key votes in support.

You can read the vote records for yourself here, here, and here.

Newman has shown he will not stop approving tax increases, despite tens of thousands of his constituents demanding his recall for casting the deciding vote in favor of the recently-approved gas tax hike.

The Newman recall is moving forward and your support is more critical than ever for our effort to send Newman home and deny tax-raisers their supermajority power.

Click here to donate now to recall Josh Newman.

REMEMBER: The lobbyists and special interests know they can count on Newman to keep raising taxes and distributing taxpayer money to them. They plan to spend big to keep Newman in office.

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