FACT joins coalition to fight SB 231

The Fullerton Association of Concerned Taxpayers (FACT) has joined a coalition to oppose Senate Bill 231 — legislation which would circumvent Prop. 218 and make it easier to raise your property taxes to pay for storm water runoff.

On April 27, the bill passed in the state Senate 23-10 with 7 not casting votes. Our state Senator Josh Newman was one of those not casting a vote.

The Assembly is scheduled to vote on the bill on Monday.

On Wednesday, a letter from the coalition was delivered to all 80 Assembly Members letting them know that already-overburdened taxpayers are united in opposition to the bill. To read the letter, click here (pdf).

FACT logoThe coalition is being led by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association. Other participating organizations along with FACT are: Calaveras County Taxpayers Association, Coalition of Sensible Taxpayers (COST), Solano County Taxpayers Association, Central Coast Taxpayers Association, Kern County Taxpayers Association, Libertarian Party of California, Silicon Valley Taxpayers Association, Gold Country Taxpayers Association and Americans for Tax Reform.

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