The Newman Recall has collected more than half the signatures needed

An email update just arrived from Carl DeMaio:

Despite the terrible bullying and harassment our campaign workers have been subjected to by Gov. Jerry Brown’s team, I’m thrilled to report that after only three weeks we have collected more than HALF of the signatures we need to put the recall of state Senator Josh Newman on the ballot. Over 35,000 signatures have been submitted to the Registrar of Voters’ offices in Orange, Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties – which cover Newman’s district.

Read the full story here.

This weekend we will deploy nearly 200 college students and volunteers to collect more signatures and deal with the “goon squads” Brown and Newman are paying to impede signature collection.

With the amazing progress we are making, for once it looks like we have the grassroots support to actually win against the forces of Sacramento.  This recall will end the super-majority of Democratic tax-raisers in the Legislature and will give us the momentum to repeal the car and gas tax hikes with a statewide initiative.

The campaign will hold the following events this weekend:

WHAT: Signature Collection Deployment Rally of College Students

WHEN: Rally Saturday, June 3 at 8am-9am – various shifts on Sat & Sun

WHERE: 4901 Main Street, Yorba Linda

Get your friends to sign up at or make a contribution here.

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7 Responses to The Newman Recall has collected more than half the signatures needed

  1. Candi says:

    Shayne you’re the voice of reason and diplomacy. It is always suspect when something is pushed through before it gets wind to the general public BEFORE they have a chance to weigh in on a topic which they have a right to be heard.


    What is easy for some of the people responding negatively to admit or even consider the possibility is that it is ALL parties that are signing this petitions and it is NOT from ignorance either. There are Independents, Conservatives and Liberals who ALL are against this gas tax for valid reasons, some of which you pointed out so clearly Shayne.

    Your right about what Gov. Brown said name calling ALL those regardless of political party affiliation as “FREELOADERS” if they oppose something he barely pushed through seeing a “minor” window of opportunity and grasping it behind the taxpayers back. We ALL are NOT so stupid to think that if this had come to light prior to that vote that the taxpayers would NOT be calling their elected officials and opposing it.

    After watching what is happening around the nation and even local politics people of ALL parties can see that the left’s supposed RISE and RESIST is really through the actions should be called RESENT and REVENGE. It is so bad AND sad both locally and nationwide (going beyond just this gas tax) that if you are a Independent, Conservative or even a Liberal or CHOOSE to have NO party affiliation at all, that if you speak out or vote against something the liberals want regardless if it is unfair to the poor, younger families or the retired on fixed incomes then you get bullied, harassed and even FAKE news that you are attacking people when you are just collecting signatures (that YES they can figure out when something got CRAMMED through with NO notice). People can fight all they want but fighting commonsense and logic is futile, it is foolish of anyone to believe if you want people to sign petitions you are NOT going to harass them and it is even more ignorant to believe that ALL political parties if they want to admit it or not can see who is “blocking” who when it comes to free speech. Just look to Berkley and if your a Conservative, Independent or Liberal (who choose to believe something different then what is mandated) you wind up being intimidated, shut down but shouting over OR worse get hurt.


    This was a major blunder to push this bill through without notice to all of us who will pay for it, and if Gov. Brown is so sure it would have been WELL RECEIVED he would have insisted that the general public have a chance to review it and speak up about it before it was voted upon. WE THE PEOPLE OF ALL POLITICAL PARTIES OR NONE HAVE A RIGHT TO BE HEARD AND HAVE A SAY. I do NOT know you Shayne but I can say that how you conducted yourself on this blog in a manner that was NOT about political party BUT about the right to be heard and have a say on how your taxes are spent was spot on and done with dignity and class, NOT sour grapes or putdowns.


    God bless America and the right to make voting choices that sometimes are against the party we are affiliated with, that is our RIGHT!

  2. Andrew says:

    Y’all playing dirty.

  3. Joseph Rosenblum says:

    A real grassroots effort wouldn’t need to pay its people to collect signatures. You’re pathetic.

  4. Shana Charles says:

    Wow. You do realize that you guys are the ones paying hired professional signature gatherers up to $3.50 per signature, and its local constituents who are taking time out of their lives to support their elected representative? The lies here are just breathtaking. You can run a recall if you like, but be honest about who you are (outside Republicans trying to steal a seat) and that the people who actually live and work here in the District are the ones opposing your tactics, which have included illegal harassment and that’s why stores keep calling the cops on your paid gatherers!

    It’s just the truth.

    • Shayne says:

      Hi Shana,

      I want to let you know that I am a stay at home mom who lives in San Diego, and who also teaches 20% per week. You are incorrect about a couple of things…

      I drove 2.5 hours (b/c of traffic) to the Fullerton Walmart on Sat, May 20th. I VOLUNTEERED my time after reading that Gov Brown called Californians who oppose SB1 “freeloaders.” Between my husband and I, we paid state taxes of over $20K for 2016, so I am definitely not a freeloader. I did not get paid, and I stood with each person who signed that recall petition, and educated him/her: made sure s/he lived within district 29, made sure s/he understood that the petition would not cancel the gas tax/car reg increase, told him/her to go to or one of the other online petitions against SB 1, look for special election material where s/he could vote for Newman’s opponent, and then look for any initiative on the Nov ballot that will repeal SB 1. The people in your district have a right to know the facts of SB 1. Yes, if they choose to be ignorant, that is their choice, however, the passing of SB 1 is going to affect the whole state, not just your little district. And, I feel bad for State Sen Newman. I’m sure he’s a nice guy. He’s just the weakest man on the totem pole though, and his race was tight, so that’s why he was chosen. It’s scary what the supermajority of Democrats are doing right now. (might want to check out all the felony crimes that make no difference with SB 54 too)

      Thank goodness John and Ken on AM 640 call out Dems/Reps/anyone else who try to pull the wool over constituents’ eyes here in California. That’s how I learned of the recall efforts.

      Let me ask you-why was SB1 slammed through the State Senate, Assembly, then to the Gov’s desk, all within 72 hours? It was printed and given to state legislators April 3, and then voted on April 6. Usually there’s a time for amendments after introduction of a bill…for some puzzling reason, there was no amendment period. This is the time that constituents get wind of it and start calling their representatives-not this time. It’s very suspicious, and I believe, self-serving of our legislators.

      BTW, I am neither a Dem or Rep in case you’re assuming. They are both parties that lack integrity-and I refuse to align myself with either.

      I find it interesting that the Democrat party, the party that is all about helping the poor, has no problem with Californians paying anywhere between .12-.20 more PER gallon starting in Nov. How are the poor going to be able to afford that?

      Did you also know that our state legislators have gas cards? Guess who reimburses them for the gas they put into their taxpayer paid automobiles? You and I do.

      San Diego

  5. Renee Mayten says:

    “Terrible bullying and harassment”???????? Are you for real? This campaign is a complete and total farce, and you all know it. This has NOTHING to do with the gas tax. And as far as harassment goes, your little trolls collecting signatures are complete and total jackholes if you refuse to sign, or ask any questions that push back. Several of them have screamed and yelled at me JUST FOR WALKING AWAY – totally abusive. Go screw yourselves.

    • Shayne says:

      Hi Renee,

      I’m sorry that was your experience…that’s not the way I was when I volunteered to get signatures on that recall petition. Please see my response to Shana.

      BTW, I called both the Dem party of OC, the Dem party for the state in Sac, the Rep party of OC, and the Rep party of California in Sac. I told the Dem party offices that it is not just Republicans who oppose SB 1, and I told the Rep party offices that if they are paying people to stand in front of stores with the recall initiative petition then they better educate them about the whole process of what’s going on and why it starts with a special election in District 29. I told those Rep party offices that it’s disgraceful for anyone to yell at anyone, when I volunteered my own time for passionate reasons.

      It’s also disgraceful for any people being hired by the Democratic party of North Orange Cty (I phoned the woman Linda in charge of that chapter) to go and hound people standing in front of the stores with the initiative petition.

      We all have the freedom to choose to sign or not. No one should be trying to force anyone either way.