Single-payer healthcare bill set for vote on Senate floor as early as tomorrow

By Jack Dean | It looks like the Democrats in Sacramento are moving quickly to use their two-thirds super-majority to push through as much legislation as possible, as soon as possible, in case the signature drive now under way to recall State Senator Josh Newman  is ultimately successful.

Last Thursday, the Senate Appropriations Committee advanced SB 562 — the single-payer healthcare bill — to the Senate floor with a party-line vote of 5-2. The committee’s analysis of SB 562 estimates that a California single-payer system would cost approximately $400 billion per year — more than double the entire current state budget of $180 billion.

SB 562 would abolish ALL private health insurance in California — including all group segments of employer-sponsored coverage along with Medicare, Medi-Cal, and Covered California. SB 562 will burden California residents with a $400 billion dollar annual price tag and no guarantee of better healthcare.

Under SB 562, ALL Californians will lose their current benefit plans — to be replaced by benefits yet to be determined, to be serviced by an entity yet to be identified, and to include new tax provisions yet to be detailed.

SB 562 has too many unanswered questions and Californians cannot afford to have the Legislature “pass it to find out what’s in it.”

Though there’s little doubt that our State Senator Josh Newman will vote with his fellow Democrats in favor of SB 562, you should still make your opinion known by calling his district office in Brea at 714-671-9474. Call tomorrow!

[Editor's Note: Thanks to Larry Bennett for the heads-up on the status of this bill.]


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