Why the Newman recall is justified

By Jon Coupal | State Sen. Josh Newman, who has been in office less than six months, is the target of a credible and well organized recall election. The recall effort was instigated by reform and taxpayer interests over the passage of Senate Bill 1 which imposes a permanent $5.2 billion annual tax on gasoline and vehicle registration. That tax increase, never approved by voters, has generated vocal public criticism

Jon CoupalBut why Josh Newman? Shouldn’t all legislators who cast a yes vote for this regressive tax on California’s middle class be held accountable? That is arguably true and there may be more recall efforts launched in the near future.

Nonetheless, there are several legitimate reasons why Sen. Newman deserves to be at the top of the list.

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One Response to Why the Newman recall is justified

  1. Karen Lawson says:

    29th District Sen. Newman recall sponsors hope lying signature collectors will get 60K voters to create a multi million dollar special election to get rid of one legally elected senator under the guise of gas tax approval. It takes 21 of 40 senators to pass a basic bill and 27 to pass a tax increase. The Gas Tax bill passed 27-11, with one Dem voting against it and Republican Anthony Cannella of Ceres voting for it. The Senate votes by verbal roll call, in alphabetical order. This bill passed the senate floor session on April 6th, the video is viewable on the Senate website in the archive (forward to 3:07:00). Newman voted when his name was called, he was the 20th Aye vote, he did not add on later. He was NOT the vote that pushed it over the top ,he was just one of 27 Senators who voted it through. Oh, and he introduced a measure to prevent future reappropriation of road repair funds in future.