Photo highlights from yesterday’s kick-off of the campaign to recall Josh Newman

It was a festive day in Fullerton yesterday as the campaign to recall gas-tax-raising state Senator Josh Newman got underway at the Arco AM/PM on South Harbor Blvd.

Talk show hosts from radio stations KFI in Los Angeles and KOGO in San Diego were broadcasting live:

John and Ken, and Jon and Carl

L-R: Talk show hosts John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou from KFI; Jon Coupal, president of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association; talk show host Carl DeMaio from KOGO.

Fullerton Mayor Bruce Whitaker stopped by to sign the petition, and talked for a few minutes on-air with KFI talk show host John Kobylt:

Bruce Whitaker and John Kobylt

Fullerton Mayor Bruce Whitaker talks on-air with KFI's John Kobylt.

There were free tacos for all:

Free tacos

They were delicious!

And, of course, there was a whole lot of signature gathering going on:

Collecting signatures

63,592 signatures will be required.

To listen to John and Ken’s complete show yesterday just click here and scroll down to the bottom. To listen to Carl DeMaio’s show yesterday, click here for Hour 1, Hour 2, or Hour 3.


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One Response to Photo highlights from yesterday’s kick-off of the campaign to recall Josh Newman

  1. Karen Lawson says:

    Dishonest and unbecoming of community leaders who know Sen Newman is being used by Republican interests to break the state senate Democratic supermajority. Paid petitioners are out telling voters the recall is a gas tax repeal. $1 per signature may be worth it to those folks, but what about informed individuals who choose to engage in false and misleading recall of the very person who is fighting to stop re-appropriation of our tax dollars. This recall is estimated to cost us all millions and will NOT repeal the gas tax.