Public employee unions, again, want public’s business done in secret

An editorial from the East Bay Times | California public labor unions’ secrecy lobby is at it again.

This time their pawn is Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra, D-San Fernando, who introduced legislation sealing off public access to records about local government negotiations with public employees.

AB 1455 is the latest insidious move to block taxpayers from knowing how their money is being bargained away, and what public employees’ raises and benefit enhancements will cost.

It follows a horrible 2015 law signed by Gov. Jerry Brown that penalized government boards trying to reasonably day-light their negotiations.

Each time, we hear the same lame, self-serving arguments: These negotiations are sensitive and need to be conducted secretly; public disclosure would be disruptive. There’s no evidence to support that claim.

Indeed, consequences of the current system have been devastating. The cost of public employee salaries and benefits are strangling many local governments.

This reckless spending occurs because negotiations between elected officials and the unions that often finance their political campaigns occur behind closed doors.

The public doesn’t learn how much they have to pay until after the deals are cut. By then it’s too late to change anything.

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[EDITOR'S NOTE: We will be checking with our Assembly Member and Senator to find out how they plan to vote on AB 1455.]





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One Response to Public employee unions, again, want public’s business done in secret

  1. Barry Levinson says:

    Corruption thy name is California State Government.

    Please note that the people who consistently speak out against such corruption are private citizen activists, not our elected officials.