Stand up to the militarization of our police departments throughout this country

I report, you decide.

By Barry Levinson | Well, ladies and gentlemen, when our Commander-in-Chief said that we need to stop being the world’s policeman, I never thought that our police were going to become our military force. Yet that is exactly what has been occurring over the last decade in particular. The trend is both alarming and very, very wrong.

When will everyone realize that shooting a suspect in the back, putting a non-violent suspect in the grave or in the hospital, etc., is not only ethically and morally wrong, but are acts of criminality by our police departments.

SWATI for one have had enough of this madness. Yet so many of my Fullerton neighbors will go to the annual FPD Open House later this year and marvel at the SWAT tank and other military paraphernalia owned by our men and women in blue.

Instead of letting your children climb up into one of these SWAT vehicles, why don’t you instead tell Police Chief Hughes that we want a police department to keep the peace — not military weaponry that screams out all-out war on the community?

Demand that the FPD get rid of the SWAT vehicle and other military equipment and weapons. We are not in a war zone and we the public are not enemy combatants.

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One Response to Stand up to the militarization of our police departments throughout this country

  1. Barry Levinson says:

    One personal note about the Fullerton Police Department’s SWAT vehicle. Last semester, Police Chief Hughes and the officials at my son’s elementary school thought it was okay to have the police bring their SWAT vehicle to our school as a kind of show and tell experience.

    Neither the police department nor the officials at our school had the common decency to let the parents know that this would be taking place. They never asked permission from the parents to allow our children to participate in this experience.

    I learned about after the fact and was very upset for two major reasons.

    First, I did not and still do not think it was appropriate to display this vehicle in front of kids aged 5 – 11.

    Second, as stated above there was no advance warning nor was permission requested from the parents. This I strongly believe was a violation of our parental rights.